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A variety of tests are available to for different respiratory conditions. The laboratory scientist will give clear instructions on how to perform breathing manoeuvre to have the airway calibre, lung volumes and gas diffusion measured. The test is mandatory to management of lung diseases such as asthma, emphysema and lung fibrosis. These can be achieved by performing the full lung function test and spirometry.

Other tests available:

Bronchial challenge with mannitol: The gold standard test for diagnosing asthma. Baseline airway function is measured. This is followed by inhalation of mannitol which is a respiratory irritant. If there is substantial drop of airway function, asthma is diagnosed.

Exhaled Nitric Oxide measurement: Nitric oxide is produced excessively in inflamed airway as seen in asthma. By measuring the level of nitric oxide in the exhaled breath, the degree of inflammation in the airway can be determined.

6 minutes walk test: help to determine functional capacity and exercise tolerance in patients with chronic lung diseases.

Maximum inspiratory and expiratory pressure: to determine the strength of respiratory muscles.

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